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Best Leg Taekwondo History

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Best Leg Taekwondo was founded in May 2005 by Master Martins Obiorah. Master Martins had just returned from competing at the 2005 World Taekwondo Championships in Madrid, Spain and opened the club in order to transfer his vast experience as an ex olympic athlete to local children and adults in South London.

The first class was held at a small class room at the Harris Girls Academy Homestall Road. At the beginning the club had just 2 students, however, as news about a new Taekwondo club in Dulwich spread, the club witnessed an influx of new members. This has continued over the years, with over 160 students training weekly and classes running at various locations in South East London.

The club has produced students from white belt up to Blackbelts, with some of the students achieving various national medals in Taekwondo. some of our students have competed abroad in poomsae and sparring events.  

One of our students was selected to represent the UK in 2012 at the World Taekwondo Youth Camp in Seoul South Korea, and another selected to compete at the 2014 Commonwealth Taekwondo tournament.

At Best Leg we create leaders of the future. We encourage our students to participate in teaching as a way of development and learning the key skills needed to lead. Some of our instructors were students themselves.

We encourage students from under privileged background to join, as lack of funds should not be a reason not to achieve ones full potential. 

2013 British National Championships!


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