Aram Kunelaki - Sanchez

Aram Joined Bestleg when she turned 5 years old and was one of the first students at Jags sports club, when the venue opened in 2008. since then she had exceled in the martials arts and competed at several tournaments where she has won medals. Aram is now a World Taekwondo certified 3rd degree black belt and also holds a level 3 first aid certificate. Aram teach the Monday "Lil Ninja Class". recently Aram has returned to the Jags sports club and now instructs the "Lil Ninja class on Saturdays where she herself started out in.

Aram is an inspiration to our younger members to what they can achieve. Aram has just been accepted into University, and plans to stay in London to continue to helping our members progress in the martial arts.

Aram specialise in sparring and poomsae.