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WT Approved Clear Visor/Mask

WT Approved Clear Visor/Mask is for use in Taekwondo tournaments, it has elastic straps to attach the clear protective visor to the head guard.
Offering  maximum protection to the face and providing an excellent field of vision.

  • Maximum protection to the face
  • Suitable for full contact sports
  • Offers maximum protection to the face.
  • Provides excellent field of vision.
  • Ideal for protecting a recovering facial injury.
  • Suitable for full contact sports.
  • Great protection when trying to master solo weaponry techniques.

A small visor fits an XS and small Tusah head guard.

A Medium visor fits an medium and large Tusah head guard.


  • Colour



    Small, Medium

  • This product fits the Tusah head Guard only. Please contact us before buying, if you have any other head guards from another manufacturer.

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